Whenever I feel huge, I just stop being fat and start being awesome instead :D

SW: 171.0

CW: 149.0
GW1: 160 reward: LEGWARMERS (complete)
GW2: 150 reward: ??? (complete)
GW3: 140 reward: ear piercings
GW4: 130 reward:belly button peircing
UGL: 120 reward: clothes that fit :)

Height: 5' 4.5"

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kinda just semi-blew today. i was super super hungry so i ate some soynuts and some grapes and a little cheese. i just… couldn’t stand it.



today was lovely. staying on track :)


breakfast- peanut butter (95), 1/2 grapefruit (60), hard boiled egg (70)

lunch- tortilla (70), 1/4c black beans (45), salsa (10), cheese (50), shrimp (85), grapes (63), 20 almonds (138)

total- 686

i’m gonna try to get my mom to stop at noodles so i can pick up dinner, but we’ll see how that goes. i don’t know what dinner will really be like.

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i knew that once i got back on top of things this would get better.

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