Whenever I feel huge, I just stop being fat and start being awesome instead :D

SW: 171.0

CW: 149.0
GW1: 160 reward: LEGWARMERS (complete)
GW2: 150 reward: ??? (complete)
GW3: 140 reward: ear piercings
GW4: 130 reward:belly button peircing
UGL: 120 reward: clothes that fit :)

Height: 5' 4.5"

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So I’m pretty done with this blog.

you can check me out at balanceisaverb.tumblr.com , but heads up, it’s a lot less food, restricting oriented, no thinspo, so… buyer beware.

Hey guys

So over the past couple days slash week or so, the tone of this tumblr has really changed I think. I feel like it’s gonna start to be a lot more yoga/healthy food/ spiritual journey (can atheists have spiritual journeys?) oriented, and a lot less thinspo-y.

I’m trying to figure out if I should get a whole new blog, or keep going with this one and change the name or something. I’ll probably do the later because I’m lazy as all hell.


If anyone cares (probably no one) let me know.

Day 95 part II

SOOO. I think today is a success, even though it had it’s minor failures. I went to mom’s yoga class, and, although it’s different than what I’m used to, I still enjoyed myself and learned some stuff. 

I also went grocery shopping after. SO MUCH PRODUCE. SO EXCITED. I avoided everything that was processed or unhealthy or sugary, except for a mock duck rice noodle salad I got for lunch at work tomorrow (and that doesn’t even sound that bad, does it?) and a vegan blueberry muffin. Which I ate. So I went over my caloric allowance again.

But. It was good bonding time with my mom (I got her to eat vegan too!) and I NEVER get vegan baked goods because I’m too lazy to make them myself, AND when I got home I weighed 155.6 (movement, people, movement! I knew this was going to work) so I don’t feel guilty.

I hope it sticks for the morning? So excited for steel cut oats breakfast/noodle salad lunch/fresh produce salad dinner tomorrow! and the gym! and maybe yoga? am I ready for c2? I DONT KNOW, MAN.

Day 95


I practically just woke up. Weighed in at 156.4 again. I don’t care. I have confidence I’m doing things right this time. Had a bowl of raspberry ginger cereal with soy milk for breakfast, and am currently pressing the tofu that I’m eating for lunch and dinner. Making tofu and black beans, and I’m super excited.

I moved my fast to Monday just because I don’t know how hard two yoga classes are gonna be. My first is gonna be my normal intro class and my local studio, which is more of a Vinyasa flow, and then mom’s taking me to hers, which seems… more like Iyengar, although I don’t know how much emphasis there actually is on alignment. Either way, I’m excited.

I’ll keep you posted!

Day 96

Well, so far this morning, I weighed in at 156.4. Which is totally okay. Really, I’m fine with that.

Now I’m lounging around before work, waiting to pack myself a lovely lunch of an apple, peanut butter, almonds, and raisins. And going home for dinner, making the rents portabello mushroom burgers. And then going to the gym with my mom!

…I don’t know if I should fast tomorrow because I’m going to yoga twice. Maybe I’ll wait until after my first class and see how I feel.

Updates to come!


So, I went over, but it wasn’t binge-y, it was all healthful things like olives and tomatoes and rice crackers and cherries…. and maybe and ice cream cone with my daddy.

But. I think I’m becoming much more concerned with WHAT I eat rather than how much I eat of it. I’m gonna try to stick to around 1200 calories still, but more importantly, no more processed foods. I want whole foods, produce, nuts, grains, all that good stuff. Nothing with more than five ingredients, nothing with ingredients a three year old couldn’t pronounce.

I want my body to be fueled with goodness.

Oh, and my mom was too pissy to go to the gym, but I did some yoga when i got home, and that felt wonderful. except i think i forgot somethings or overextended my back or did some inversions and spinal twists in the wrong order because my lower back feels funny? One thing I learned is that the best way to fix pains that came from yoga is with more yoga! so hopefully tomorrow will be better :)

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